The Company offers a range of products for land cultivation and the harvest, strong and reliable that will satisfy the needs of the professional user and hobistic . Motor hoes with two-stroke engine, small and easy to handle, the biggest walking tractors equipped with diesel engines and differential system , and the professional  Motor hoes indestructible and reliable, and finally the electronic shakers and the  combustion engine shakers capable of simplifying the harvesting of  olives and dried fruit in general.




AGRIS-BRUMI, BRUMITAL, MPM SICILY are characterized by the quality and efficiency in agriculture since more than sixty years. One great company that encloses  different brands that have made a difference in the world of agriculture. The company's mission is always to combine the high technical standard to the quality of the materials at reasonable costs.




Impossible today refrain from staying in touch with all users and fans of the product, Brumi now become social with the opening of a blog dedicated to the many operators and onlookers interested in  novelty in agriculture, where you can be informed on  exhibitions and events. You can also follow us in the most popular social networks, follow us on facebook and linkedin, stay in touch!


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